jj-5-yrs-old-with-CameraJeremiah Thomas Johnson (JJ) was given a camera when he was 5 years old. What started out as play, developed into a hobby and soon turned into a passion for the now 30 year old. In high school, JJ started working at a local camera store and bought his first professional grade camera, a Canon Rebel 2000.  Always having it in his backpack, he would take pictures of friends, sporting events, nature and quickly became known as the photographer among his peers. Working at a camera store had many perks but getting free film developing had to be the best. As a result, JJ was able to take a lot of pictures and his photographic eye quickly developed far beyond his self-taught years.

JJ-Mardi-Gras-with-CameraAs a high school junior, JJ enrolled in a graphic design and multi-media class. This was his first introduction to working on a Mac computer and he hasn’t willingly touched a PC since. Working on a Mac and learning editing software like Photoshop & Illustrator further inclined his passion for photography and design. In his senior year, it was no surprise to his friends or family when he decided to pursue a Graphic Design bachelor’s degree from Champlain College in Burlington, VT. While at Champlain, JJ excelled at his photography and design and upgraded his film camera for a new Canon DSLR and upgraded his Mac desktop to handle the tons of photos soon to be on it. While living in Burlington, JJ could frequently be found taking photographs of friends and strangers alike, documenting Burlington’s nightlife scene for BVT Photos one of his other companies.

JJ-with-Camera-Shirt-and-TieGrowing up in Vermont gave JJ an appreciation for nature and the outdoors. Much of JJ’s non-commissioned work featured Vermont’s most prestigious outdoor spots. As an avid hiker, snowboarder and water hole enthusiast, many of JJ’s photographs are one of a kind pictures in some of Vermont’s most rural spots. However, when JJ is not hiking the Long Trail or snowboarding the back country of Vermont’s finest mountains, he can be found hanging out with friends and family. One of JJ’s favorite parts of his photography, design and consulting business is getting to work with people.